Zapier for CRM app

Connect Bitrix24 CRM to thousands of other web services and apps supported by Zapier.


Find the app in Bitrix24 Market:
Click install:
Read & accept Terms and Conditions > continue:
Now the app's successfully installed:


The app has the Private status in Zapier and can only be accessed via a personal invitation.
Accept the invitation:
Now you're ready to build the Zaps using Bitrix24 blocks:


Triggers allow Zapier to launch actions if something changes regarding the following CRM entity types in your Bitrix24 account:
Activities refer to the general CRM activities as opposed to the CRM timeline ones.
There are three types of actions for any given entity:
The frequency of Zapier checks for changes (update time) depends on your Zapier plan. It can be anywhere from 15 and down to 1 minute.

Example: Creating a trigger

Choose the latest version of Bitrix24 CRM (New) app:
Select the Trigger event:
Choose an appropriate account:
Select a CRM entity type for the trigger:
Now select the event type the trigger will respond to:
Test the configuration:
If everything goes well, you get a list of retrieved fields and values from Bitrix24 CRM. You will use them to configure subsequent actions:

Mapping custom fields

CRM custom fields might be tricky to map because triggers return them by their ID rather than names.

To find a custom field's ID go to your CRM settings page > Form and report settings > Custom fields:
Find a list of fields for a selected CRM entity type:
Lookup a specific field's ID in the URL:
That matches with what we get in Zapier:


Thousands of apps, including Bitrix, can trigger actions in your Bitrix24 CRM without any coding, thanks to the Zapier platform and the integration app.

The block allows you to create two event types:
  • Entity Search - extract information from your CRM database
  • Entity Create - add new, update or delete existing CRM records in your Bitrix24 account

Entity Create

This is what allows you to create, update and delete records in your Bitrix24 CRM after the Zap had been triggered:
See our technical lookup tables describing system fields for any given CRM entity type: Your CRM custom fields can also be used in Zapier.

Example: Creating a Lead

Choose the latest version of Bitrix24 CRM (New) app:
Choose the Entity Create event:
Choose an appropriate account:
We'd like to create a new Lead in Bitrix24. Therefore, we're choosing the Lead CRM entity type:
Now select the action type:
The number of required fields varies for different entity types. In our example, specifying a field for a Lead name is sufficient to create a Lead in our Bitrix24 account:
Success! To test the action, Zapier created a Lead with ID 190 in our Bitrix24 CRM:



Q: Why can I not find your app in Zapier? I do have it installed in Bitrix account.
A: Currently, the app is in Beta. It can only be accessed via a personal invitation.
Please follow the invitation link to use the app.

Q: How long will the Beta testing last?
A: For the app to become publicly available, it has to use an intermediate authorization server, which we are not planning for the app yet. Other than that, it's a fully capable app that we improve often.

Q: Why are there two Zapier apps, one in the Marketplace and the other in Zapier? The versions are different.
A: These are indeed two separate apps that work together. The Zapier for CRM app from the Marketplace allows to accessing Bitrix API, while the one in Zapier interacts with it. We recommend using the latest version of the connector to make the most out of the integration.

Q: Is it possible to connect two separate Bitrix24 accounts via Zapier?
A: Yes, you can have multiple Bitrix24 connections at a time and build Zaps connecting different Bitrix24 accounts.
To add a connection in Zapier go to My apps > Custom integrations > Bitrix24 CRM connector > Add connection

Q: I do like your app, but what if I want to submit feature ideas? How can I do that?
A: You're welcome to reach our Bitrix24 support to pass your feedback and ideas.


Q: Just wondering why the fields derived from the app's trigger have a Res word in front of them?
A: Res stands for Result. For example, Res ID = result ID.


Q: Why am I getting a 404 page when testing or running my Zap?
A: That happens when you're trying to use a deprecated version of the connector (in Zapier). We often update the app deprecating the oldest versions.
If you do not see the latest version of the connector in Zapier (e.g. 1.0.12 or higher) you need to accept the latest invitation (see setup section of the article).

Q: I'm getting ERROR_OAUTH: Application not installed after entering my Bitrix domain in Zapier to establish a connection. Why is that?
A: Besides accepting the invitation link in Zapier, you need to install the app in your Bitrix account. Please see the Installation steps covered in this article.

Q: I only see one version of the app when building my Zaps. Apparently, it's deprecated. I cannot establish the connection as a result. What am I doing wrong?
A: Please accept the latest invitation link found in the Setup section of this article.

Q: I set up the app's trigger in my Zap, it did work once, but it now stopped. What should I do?
A: It might have to do with an expiring authorization token. Please reach Bitrix24 support attaching the Zap run details if they form along with your Zapier login (to check the logs from our side).

Q: How do I find a record by its ID? I do not seem to get the option under the Field name tab.
A: If you need to find an entity by its ID, use the custom input option.

Q: How to pass text into a comment (or any other multi-line input field) if I want each value on a new line?
A: Use the HTML <br> tags to establish the line breaks.

Q: Can I add events to the CRM timeline?
A: Not as of now.

Q: Is there duplicate control when adding new entries via Zapier?
A: There is no automatic duplicate control when adding new records using our API. You need to establish the check yourself. The integration app offers the Search action that can help you identify existing records and, therefore, not create duplicates.

Q: My on-premise version is not accessible from the internet. Is it possible to install the integration app locally?
A: This is a REST API-only app. There is not much to install locally, and access to the internet is necessary for the app to work.

Q: Why do the boolean yes/no values from Bitrix show in Zapier as 1/0?
A: This is how Bitrix passes the values of this field type to external systems.

Q: How do I disable the Second name field being mandatory when adding contacts in Bitrix via the integration?
A: In certain countries, the Second name is mandatory for filling out, and it's reflected in our REST API.

Q: How do I know the deal stages' IDs for adding a deal to a specific stage when creating a deal using the app?
A: Indeed, you can only readily get the stages' IDs for the main deal pipeline as of now.
Here is a couple of ways you could get the IDs for the remaining pipelines and stages:
1. To get an ID of a specific stage, you can get it by inspecting the stage using your web browser in Statuses & Dropdows settings
2. Or by calling a crm.dealcategory.list REST method to get the pipeline's ID and then having that information get the stages' IDs with crm.dealcategory.stage.list.

Q: Is there a way to show the real custom fields' names instead of their IDs when getting the values from triggers?
A: At this point, you get the IDs only. If it's too difficult to map the fields that way, consider adding some values in the fields that you'd recognize more easily o matching the fields by the IDs.

Q: Can I add comments here on the right instead of the regular field?
A: The comment field map to the regular comment field. The current version of the app does not work with CRM activities and cannot interact with them. Feel free to submit a development request to our support.

Q: Can I link multiple contacts to a company when creating it using the app?
A: As of now, you can only link one contact to a company and vice versa via the Zapier app.

Q: When I pass a value to a CRM entity in Bitrix from Zapier, the field is still blank. What kind of error is that?
A: Most likely, you're trying to pass a value from a multi-select type of field, which is currently not supported in the app. Consider using a single value list field or submit a development request to our support.

Q: Is there a way to search by multiple fields at once?
A: The current version of the app supports searching by one field only, but it doesn't have to be one word in the field.

Q: Can I add products to deals using your app?
A: Not with the current version of the app. Feel free to submit a development request to our support.

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