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Statuses and dropdowns (selection lists)

When working in Bitrix24 CRM you come across various statuses & dropdowns, such as lead status, contact type, deal stage, invoice status, etc.

You can configure statuses & dropdowns in Selection Lists section. Click CRM > Settings > Start point > Statuses and Dropdowns.

Lead statuses and deal stages

It's important to configure lead statuses and deal stages before you start using Bitrix24 CRM.

Here you can add new statuses/stages, delete those you don't need, edit statuses/stages names or change colors.

Also, you can change the order of statuses/stages. Just drag and drop statuses/stages to do that.

You can add as many lead statuses or deal stages as you need.

There are several mandatory statuses/stages that cannot be deleted: initial status/stage and 2 final statuses/stages (successful and unsuccessful). There may be several unsuccessful statuses/stages. Add new statuses/stages by clicking Add status/stage.

For lead statuses, deal stages, quotes & invoices statuses a scale preview and funnel preview are available, allowing you to see how your analytical reports will look like.

Deal stages are configured for each deal pipeline individually.

Contact types, company types, deal types, industry, etc.

Contact types, company types, etc. are configured even easier than lead statuses and deal stages. You just add as many fields as you need, specify names, change order and that's it!

These contact types, company types, etc. will be available in the corresponding CRM element form.

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