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What Bitrix24 plan to choose

We are introducing a new range of Bitrix24 plans. Find out which plan you should switch to or how to keep your current one.

Free plan

For an unlimited number of employees

The free plan always changes according to the current plan changes.

✅ The Duplicate Control Wizard in CRM (Search for duplicates) and Warehouse Accounting in the online store will appear.

❎ Scheduler in the Calendar, Report Designer, classic CRM mode and some other tools go from the Free plan to the new commercial plans.

Basic plan

Up to 5 employees | $49/mo

The new Basic plan corresponds to some features of the archive plans Start+ and CRM+.

✅ The Basic plan is most suitable for small sales departments or microbusinesses. You will get an extended version of CRM, including automation in the store, a sales plan, access rights to CRM.

✅ The maximum disk size will increase to 24 GB. The new plan increased the number of stores up to 2, 3 000 goods in the catalog, 5 times better search by deals, contacts, invoices.

✅ Referrals in Deals - 5, the number of Open Lines - 2, the number of Mailboxes - one per person, emails from CRM - up to 10,000.

✳️ Efficiency for KPIs, templates and regular tasks, CRM mode with leads, CRM marketing, Scheduler in the calendar, statistics and access rights in Open Lines go to the set of higher plans.

❎ The price of the Basic plan corresponds to the price of the current CRM+ plan, but differs in features. You can still switch to CRM+ plan until the end of July 31.

Standard plan

Up to 50 employees | $99/mo

New Standard plan corresponds to the features of archived plans Project + and Standard.

✅ The Standard plan is most suitable for small companies or work groups of up to 50 people. It retains all the features of the Project + plan and the current Standard plan: email and SMS mailing, integration with business processes, advanced CRM, and analytics.

✅ Employees get 5 mailboxes with the ability to create tasks directly from the emails. The number of users with administrator rights is increased to 5. The maximum disk size is increased to 100 GB, the number of tasks in search is doubled, the knowledge base is increased from 3 to 5, the number of open lines becomes 10.

✳️ Access rights in Projects, Open Lines and Disk, Business Processes will be available only on the highest Professional plan.

Professional plan

Unlimited number of employees | $199/mo

This plan is almost unchanged and provides maximum opportunities for work.

✅ In addition to the features of other plans, it has a professional end-to-end analytics module, automation through business processes and smart processes, HR functionality, and much more.

✅ You get all the features of Bitrix24 at once. This plan maximizes the company's potential and allows you to optimize the work of all departments.

❎ The only difference from the archive plan - the limit for CRM-mailings was reduced from 1 000 000 letters per month to 100 000 letters per month.

Compare new plans

Is it worth buying a new plan or stay on the archive one?

Study the new plans, compare the content of the old and new ones, and make the right decision.

Archived plans:

  • Start+ - is designed for 2 users. The cheapest plan, which will not be an alternative replacement. And even the Basic plan (at the price of CRM+) does not have all the features that are provided on this plan today.

  • CRM+ - for small sales departments of up to 6 people. The new Basic plan has a limit of 5 people. And at the same time the CRM+ plan has almost all the tools of the Professional plan, necessary for online sales.

  • Project+ - for project groups and companies up to 24 people. The closest in functionality of the new plans is the Standard plan, and the most affordable is the Basic plan.

  • Standard has almost the maximum configuration of CRM, Projects, Office, Contact Center, Websites and Stores.

  • Professional. The plan will not change much. It will continue to provide maximum opportunities for work. The only difference is that the limit for mailings from CRM-marketing has dropped from 1,000,000 letters per month to 100,000 letters per month.

  • If after August 1, 2021 you move to a free plan, you will not be able to subscribe to archived plans again.
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