Synchronize Bitrix24 users details with Android device

You can synchronize your Bitrix24 colleagues’ contact details with the telephone book in your Android device. Here is how (sync process described below is based on Android 7.0, if you have a different Android version sync route may be different).

1. Open device Settings > Cloud & Accounts

2. Go to Accounts:

3. Click on Add Account

4. Choose Bitrix24 in the apps list & fill in your Bitrix24 details: your Bitrix24 account address (domain), your Bitrix24 login & password.

5. After authorization is completed & Bitrix24 is added to the accounts list, open Bitrix24 & click on Sync turned off:

6. Under Sync Settings select Contacts:

7. After synchronization is complete, you will find all synchronized contacts in your Android device telephony contacts. Such data as telephone number, position and email address will be synced.

To make sure that your contacts are constantly up to date, this sync will be performed once per hour.

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