Copy and move automation rules between stages, pipelines and CRM entities

Previously, you could copy one automation rule and move it to another stage. We have changed the copying scenario and have added a new tool - automation rules transfer. These changes make it much easier to set up automation.

What has changed

Now you can copy and move robots in the following scenarios:

  • Between stages of one pipeline
  • Between stages of different pipelines
  • Between stages of any elements that have automation rules
For example, you have restructured your customer service process and have added a new line of business to your deals. Now you can set automation in a couple of clicks.

There are some limits:

  • Actions can only be performed within the CRM. Copying automation rules from leads to tasks is not possible;
  • Only one automation rule stage can be copied/transferred at one time;
  • You cannot copy/transfer robots if there are unsaved changes.

How to copy and move automation rules

Click Copy or move automation rules under the desired stage.

How to exit automation rule copying mode

Click on the cross button.

Select the automation rules or click Select All in Stage.

Select the Copy to or Move to action.

Choose where to copy or move automation rules. You can use leads, deals, orders, estimates, invoices, and smart processes.

Select the destination pipeline and destination stage where you want to add automation rules. Click Run.

You will see how many automation rules are copied in the upper right corner.

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