Private chats

Besides Bitrix24 General chat, person-to-person & public chats, users can also create private group chats with restricted access. A chat of this type won't be shown to all users in chats list and will be available to its members only. In other words, only those users who have been invited to this chat will see it. This chat is perfect for business discussions that involve and concern certain people.

Please note that account administrators don't have access to private chats (only to those where they are listed as chat members).

Here is how to create a new private group chat:

Click on chat icon in your Web messenger or Desktop app & select Private Chat:

It's not only your co-workers that you can invite to this chat; send invites to your clients, partners and other persons related to your business who use Bitrix24 (if access to Bitrix24 Network is allowed under Account Settings). To add a new chat member, type user name:

Add welcome text & click Send tab to create a chat:

Only those users who have been invited to the chat will receive a notification about this new private chat creation.

When a new private chat is created it is automatically marked with a special color and is given a default name. Click on chat icon to upload your own custom image. Chat name is customizable as well.

Private chat users can share files, make voice & video calls:

Video calls are supported for groups of up to 24 users.

Chat notifications can be disabled as well. To open the chat options menu - right click on the chat icon in the left chats list.

Users can be invited to the chat at any time. Don't forget to enable Show History option for users who has been invited later, so that they will be able to see previous chat messages. 

If you need to find particular chat conversation or files, open Chat History:

If chat notifications bother you too much, you can disable them with the help of special notifications icon located between History & Invite tabs.

This chat type will suite best to collect special group of users interested in particular topic.

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