Mobile app settings

You can find the Settings section in the Menu tab of the bottom menu.

App settings

Enable push notifications on your mobile so you don't miss important messages.

Customize Chats: chat history, video autoplay and background color.

The bottom menu is set by default for all users, but you can change it.

In Other settings, you can increase/decrease notifications interval and configure the ability for employees to invite new users.

Device settigs

In the Bitrix24 Settings section, you can change the language and set items to save power.

In the Synchronization section, you can synchronize your mobile calendar and contacts with the Bitrix24 app.

Read more in the articles: Synchronize Bitrix24 calendar with iPhone and Synchronize Bitrix24 calendar with Android device.

The Memory section allows you to clear app/image cache and delete data.

You can change the quality of videos sent to chats and feed in the Files section.

Select sound for your Push notifications and give Permissions for Camera, Microphone, and Memory.

Send call and system logs in the Debug section.

Also see the App and WebView version in the last sections.

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