Bitrix24 Terms of Service: updates on June 24, 20‍22

There is a summary of the changes to the TERMS OF SERVICE that take effect on June 24, 20‍22.

What’s new?

  1. We have added a Class Actions Waiver governing disputes arising from use of the Bitrix24 Website, Services, and Products, which affects your legal rights as detailed in the Waiver of Class Action section (please refer to §29).

  2. Bitrix24 is not responsible for the third parties' services suspension or discontinuation (please refer to §9.2).

  3. The Terms have been supplemented with section 30 describing Force Majeure events.

  4. For the purpose of clarification, we have updated the "Administrator" term (please refer to §4.2).

  5. We have updated the text and added structure to the §1.1., §1.4., section 7, §8.1., §12.6., and §13.1.

  6. Also, we have clarified how Bitrix24 may send you legally significant notices, including those connected with the Terms of Service in §31.1.
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