Automation rule statuses and log entries

During the test mode, automation rules can change colors and entries appear in the log. Let's consider what they mean.

Automation rules colors and statuses

The colors in the test window indicate automation rules statuses:

  • Green background and check mark - the automation rule started and performed the action.

  • Green background and red icon - the automation rule started but did not perform the action.

  • White background and circle icon - the automation rule has not started yet. For example, it should work after the previous one or the automation rule has a pause.

  • White background without icons - the automation rule did not start. For example, the condition was not met.

If the automation rule failed to work due to an error, hover your mouse over the notification and you will see the information about the reason. For example, the automation rule will not be able to send email to the client, because it was not specified.

Log entries

Each action is logged and numbered. The log is displayed in the corresponding tab of the test window.

In the log, you will see the following information:

  • The automation rule type.
  • The running time after which the automation rule should work: immediately or after a pause.

    This information is displayed in the log on a blue background. If the automation rule is supposed to work after a pause and you miss it, the corresponding entry will also appear.

  • Information about the launch conditions. If a condition is specified in the automation rule, you will see what value it took: false or true.

    False is displayed on an orange background and indicates that it was not performed in the deal.

    True s displayed on a green background and indicates that it was performed in the deal.

There is also a description of the action that the automation rule performed: setting a task, sending a notification, and so on.

If the automation rule failed to work due to an error, you will see its description in the log with a red background.

For example, the Send Email automation rule failed to work because the customer's email address was not specified in the deal form.

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