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Bitrix24.Market is a very useful tool for any business that uses Bitrix24. More than 380 apps are available in the Market, covering the widest range of needs: from analytics to chatbots.

Bitrix24.Market has grown so much lately that users have been spending a lot of time and effort searching for and testing apps. To make the search easier, we have grouped all the apps into categories.

For example, if the users are active in CRM, they are probably interested in advanced analytics. They will find all the necessary apps in the Analytics and reports section, which contains apps specially selected on this topic.

Another important change in the Market is user ratings and reviews. Only real app users will be able to rate and write reviews, so if you see an app with good reviews and ratings, that's a signal that it might be useful to you, too.


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How to find the app

We have categorized all the applications based on their functionality. The recommended categories are at the top of the screen, and the full list is at the bottom.

If you open the Market from a specific tool, such as CRM, the first thing you'll see is applications for CRM.

If you know the app name, use the search bar at the top of the page. There is the Catalog button next to it. Click this button if you want to see all the categories of applications.

In large categories, such as Sales and CRM, there are subcategories for you to find applications faster.

Within each category, you can sort apps by number of installations, publication date, and rating. Look first at the most popular apps, or those with higher ratings.

It will take some time to generate a rating. Rating apps, you will help other users make the right choice and help developers improve apps.

Where to find information about an app

Click on the app name to read the information about it. At the top, you'll see the user rating, the number of installations, information about the developer and the category the app belongs to. You can also add the application to your favorites by clicking on the heart icon in the upper right corner.

Add the app to your favorites if you don't plan to install it right now, but want to return to it later.

In the slider, there is a screenshot of the application interface and a description of its work.

At the bottom of the slider, you will find installation instructions, technical support contacts, data security information, and the publication date. Here you can also rate the application and write a review.

Only the users who have installed the application on Bitrix24 can rate and leave feedback.

What else you need to know about apps

Almost all of the applications in the Market are created by third-party developers. They provide support for the applications themselves.

Read more information in the article: Support for Bitrix24 Market apps.

All applications require access to certain tools and data of your Bitrix24. The developer of each particular application is responsible for working with data, so before you install it, see what data and tools will be accessible.

Read more information in the article: Access to Bitrix24 tools by Bitrix24.Market apps.
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