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Getting started with BI Builder

BI Builder is a tool where you can view and create analytical reports based on your business data. There are three ways to start using it.

Use built-in dashboards

Go to CRM, expand the BI Builder tab, and select a report from the list. The data will be loaded automatically from your account and complete the report.

The Deal analytics report shows the total sales of your company: the number of deals, their status, monthly revenues, and the effectiveness of sources. It allows you to identify your top sources of customers and periods of high or low customer activity. Analyze this data to improve sales planning and strategy.

The Lead trends report explains how your company gets leads and converts them into deals. It helps you understand the best ways to attract new customers and increase sales.

The Sales trends report sets out the overall sales performance of your business. Use this data to determine the most profitable months and each employee's contribution to the result.

Use the Sales breakdown report to examine your sales structure: analyze deal distribution by price segments, identify the impact of discounts on sales, and evaluate the effectiveness of sources. This report enables you to optimize your planning and adapt to customer behavior.

The Call analytics report gives a clear picture of the relationship between calls and sales. The indicators help you evaluate the contribution of calls to sales, identify the most popular days to communicate with your customers, and find the average number of calls required to close a deal.

Install dashboards from Market or order custom ones

In addition to the built-in reports, you can look for a solution for your business in our Market.

If you have not found the dashboard you need, order a custom one from our partners via a special form.

Create dashboards or edit built-in ones

Navigate to My dashboards to view all the BI Builder reports, edit them, or add new ones.
Learn how to create or edit dashboards in BI Builder

In brief

  • Use built-in dashboards to define and analyze your business indicators.

  • Look for more report templates in the Market or order a custom dashboard from Bitrix24 partners.

  • Edit or create reports according to your needs under My dashboards.

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