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Bitrix24 Chat: new messenger and AI

We have completely updated the chat and added new tools for work. The new Bitrix24 chat is a messenger for your company.

Chat can be used by companies with up to 1 million employees. Test results show that the messenger can handle such a load.

M1 chat is integrated into workflows, unlike the usual messengers. Here are the main changes:

Unified workspace

You can create tasks in chats from messages or without linking to them. Cross-communication gives employees quick access to the required element: from the chat you can switch to the task form and vice versa.

Creating meetings is available in chats. You can start a call and record the results in the event form in the calendar.

You can forward messages, pin them and add them to favorites. Be close to your colleagues even remotely: share your emotions in chats, set reactions to messages.

No random people

There is no need to check the list of chat participants. Only company employees have access to Bitrix24 chats. Fired users automatically lose access to Bitrix24.

M1 chat is a secure information space. An unauthorized user cannot send a phishing mailing, and a fraudster cannot write to the chat.

Employees are not distracted by communication with friends and relatives. No posts from channels and publics - only messages from colleagues.
Create and configure Bitrix24 chat

It's easy to find what you need

All correspondence, message history, files and recordings of video calls remain in Bitrix24 and you can find them via the sidebar at any time.

You can go to the message context. To find the discussion from which the task was created, click on it.

The mobile app has smooth voice message rewind. You can go back to any part of the message.

To view messages and attachments in chats without Internet access, turn on message caching.

Chat with CoPilot

CoPilot is a chatbot with artificial intelligence that answers questions and helps you solve tasks. CoPilot is embedded in your daily work: it will help you formulate a thought, develop and complete your idea.
Chat with CoPilot

In brief:

  • Bitrix24 chat is only for your company. Communicate with your colleagues in chats and via video links.

  • The new Bitrix24 chat room has a new interface and new work tools: reactions, pinning and forwarding messages, a sidebar, background selection, favorite messages and many other functions.

  • CoPilot chat has appeared. It is a chatbot with artificial intelligence that answers questions and helps you solve tasks.

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