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Video Conferencing in Bitrix24

Create video conferences in Bitrix24 and invite people who are not your account users.

Group calls in Bitrix24 Cloud and On-premise versions are limited to 100 attendees.
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How to create a video conference

Go to Company, open the Video Conferencing tab, and click Create.

In the form that that slides out:

  • Enter the conference name.

  • Invite your colleagues.

  • Set a password to join.

  • Edit the invitation message for external guests by clicking the pencil icon (✏️).

Click Create at the bottom.

The invitation message will automatically include:
  • #CREATOR#: The user who created the video conference.
  • #TITLE#: The conference name.
  • #LINK#: The link to join the conference.

After that, the conference will appear in the list. You can:

  • Click the conference name (1) to copy the invitation text (2).

  • Start the video conference by clicking Start (3).

  • Copy only the link by clicking Link (4).

  • Edit the conference using the menu under the three dots (...) button (5).

Bitrix24 will create a video conference chat where you can greet attendees and share information.

How to join a video conference

The host sends an invitation with a password to external guests. To join, click the link and enter the password. There is no need to register with Bitrix24 or download the app. Attendees can join from a phone or computer.

When the host starts the video conference, Bitrix24 employees will see the call form and can connect by entering the password.

What you can do during the video conference

Call menu:

  • Raise hand: Notify others you want to speak.

  • Attendees: View the list of attendees.

  • Copy invitation: Invite more attendees.

  • Change my name: Update your name.

  • Screen: Share your screen (available on a computer).

To open a chat, tap the three dots (...) and select Chat. External guests can also chat.

In brief

  • Create video conferences in Bitrix24 and invite people who are not your account users.

  • To invite external guests, send them a link and password. All attendees can join without registering or downloading the app.

  • Bitrix24 will create a chat for the conference to discuss details.

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