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Task Planner

Bitrix24 Task Planner - is a tool that will help you stay organized!

This is your personal task planner that you can configure & use the way you want. 

Here is what you get with this tool: 

  • Visualization: tasks preview images. 
  • Task board: various task cards logically grouped the way you need. 
  • Custom stages: create custom stages suitable for your business - stages number, names, colors & order are customizable. 
  • Easy navigation: scroll, drag & drop to reorder or move to a different stage. 
  • Quick actions for tasks: add new tasks, start or finish tasks, set deadlines directly inside Task Planner board - no need to open each task form. 

Please note that Task Planner does not take into account tasks deadlines.
Task Planner & Other Users

Task Planner is a tool that each user (who have access to tasks) can find under Tasks section. But, you can also go to the other user's Profile > Tasks & see your colleague's Task Planner board (provided you have enough permissions). You can add new tasks at the colleague's Planner - in this case the Planner owner will be assigned as task's responsible person by default. 

How To Use


1.     Stages: add new stages (plus icon), customize stage name (pencil icon) & color. Drag & drop stages to reorder.

2.     New tasks: add new tasks via plus option below each stage.

3.     Deadline: set or change task deadline right from the Task Planner board (click on task card calendar icon).

4.     Involved users: change task responsible user or creator.

5.     Start & Finish: start & finish task tabs are available inside each task card.

6.     Move tasks: drag & drop task cards between stages (horizontally) or reorder them within the same stage (vertically).

7.     Counters: use counters located above the Task Planner board to switch between Not viewed, Overdue or Almost overdue tasks.

8.     Filters & Search: new smart search & filters are now available in tasks as well. Use default tasks filters (overdue, In progress, Deferred, etc.) or configure own filter conditions. You can use both filter & search together. 

Who can view my tasks planner and tasks?

If your colleague opens Tasks tab in your profile, he/she sees only stages names. He/she doesn't see tasks (except for tasks that this colleague participates in).

Only administrator and employee's supervisor can view all the employee's tasks.
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