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Bitrix24 On-Premise


Difference between Cloud and On-Premise versions

Bitrix24 is a solution for business communications and collaboration for organizations of any size. The system unites tools classically belonging to corporate intranets with CRM, project management, and social collaboration elements to form an optimal virtual work platform. Bitrix24 can be used as an online service (Cloud version, SaaS) or as a ‘box’ product (Self-hosted version, i.e., installed on your own server).

Bitrix24 Cloud version

Cloud technologies are very popular at the moment. They provide flexible data management and 24/7 access from wherever you can get connected to the Internet.

Bitrix24 Self-hosted (On-premise) version

There are several instances when On-premise Bitrix24 editions have to be used instead of the Cloud:

  • The law requires that data be stored in a specific location.
  • You need source code access.
  • You need Bitrix24 tools that aren't available in the cloud.
  • You don't want to use cloud services due to internal policies.

Feature-wise, the Self-hosted version includes more tools and modules compared to the Cloud version.

Unlike the Cloud version, Bitrix24 Self-hosted version is fully customizable. At the front-end of the product, you can change the logo, color scheme, layout, menu structure, page content, add or remove gadgets, modify CRM menu and fields, etc. The Self-hosted version can be hosted on a remote web server of your choice or deployed on a local network (even with no or limited access to the Internet).

Bitrix24 Self-hosted version is a PHP-based product. If compatible, you can integrate third-party add-ons, gadgets, and modules. AD / LDAP integration is also supported. The source code availability of the Self-hosted version adds up to more customization flexibility and integration options.

The top edition of the Self-hosted version also features special modules:

  • Web Cluster, which helps you balance server load and provides additional scalability tools.

  • The Multiple divisions feature, which allows for creating multiple intranets within a single intranet; is usually required by companies with several subsidiaries or branches that need individual Feeds and Department structures.

Depending on your business nature, company size, and requirements for an intranet solution, you can choose between the flexible cloud subscription plans or develop a custom intranet project using the Self-hosted version.

Note: Bitrix24 Self-hosted version is sold as a subscription license. Each commercial license key for the Self-hosted version comes with a free 1-year subscription for technical support and product updates. After the subscription comes to an end, you may wish to renew your subscription for another year.

Both versions have their benefits and trade-offs associated with deployment and maintenance. Below, please find a quick overview of the core differences between the Cloud and Self-hosted product versions:

Pricing and Licensing



"Pay-as-you-go" subscription options Subscription license
Bitrix24 Cloud is SaaS (software as a service), licensed on a subscription basis Subscription license for 12 months with mandatory renewal
Free plan with an unlimited number of users is available. Also, Bitrix24 lineup provides commercial plans for 5-50-100 users, including Enterprise plan for 250-500-1,000 and more users. Licenses are available for packages of 50-100-250-500 users, as well as 1,000 users extension for the Enterprise 5,000 edition.

Installation and Deployment



Quick start, no installation, or ongoing maintenance Installation and deployment on a web server of your choice
Instant web browser or mobile app access Requires corresponding hardware and software infrastructure
Online storage space limits are set according to the subscription option. Unlimited disk storage space (depending on your hosting provider's capacity and plans)

Product Customization



Custom logo (available in selected subscriptions) Custom logo
Custom domain name (available in selected subscriptions) Custom domain name
n/a Custom authorization page (welcome page)
n/a Custom color schemes and templates (CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript)
n/a Custom layouts, custom menus
n/a Full source code availability
n/a Full front-end access
n/a Full back-end access
n/a Complete module, structure, and contents management
n/a Advanced set of administrative tools
Only 18 localization languages are available. Localization tools (product can be translated into any language)


Cloud Self-hosted
Pre-set access rights and permissions Flexible access rights and permissions for User Groups and individual users
n/a LDAP / Active Directory
Single sign-on (SSO) for Enterprise plans NTLM authentication / Single sign-on (SSO)
n/a MS Exchange (Calendars)
n/a MS SharePoint (Lists)


Cloud Self-hosted
Automatic daily back-ups for Cloud accounts Manually scheduled back-ups
Backup restore procedure (available only with a commercial subscription) Cloud storage option for back-ups
n/a Built-in backup / restore tools

Security and Safety

Cloud Self-hosted
Accessible only through SSL-protocol Security measures and access procedures can be adjusted manually
Proactive filter WAF (Web Application Firewall) Proactive filter WAF (Web Application Firewall)
Several independent data centers provide 24/7 online service availability. n/a
n/a Built-in security tools with full access at the back end of your product copy

Product Features and Tools

Cloud Self-hosted
Set of features defined by subscription plan Set of features defined by product edition
n/a Additional HelpDesk tools
n/a Additional e-Learning tools
n/a Additional CMS tools
n/a Additional security tools
n/a Additional scalability tools

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Cloud Self-hosted
Free Mobile App Free Mobile App (with partial front-end custom view support)
Free Desktop App Free Desktop App

Bitrix24 Cloud and Self-hosted versions are priced and licensed using different models. Hence, each product version is associated with different costs. Here’s how those costs are considered from the point of view of the end user:

Costs associated with Bitrix24 Cloud version:
  • Basic hardware assets (workstation / laptop / mobile device that can provide access to the Web);

  • Internet access (various options provided by ISPs or mobile carriers);

  • Monthly (semiannual or annual) fees for a Bitrix24 subscription option;

  • Additional training and maintenance may be involved (usually paid services provided by a Bitrix Partner).

Costs associated with Bitrix24 Self-hosted version:
  • Hardware and software for local networks (ranging from $2,990 and up);

  • Hosting services for remote installation;

  • Commercial license key for a Bitrix24 Self-hosted version and additional user licenses (if more than 5,000 users are required);

  • Salary for outsourced or in-house IT staff for project implementation and maintenance. It can be a one-time payment for a turn-key intranet solution developed by a Bitrix Partner or involve hourly payments for the services provided by IT specialists.

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