Workflow Designer

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Workflow Designer is a visual tool that allows you to create and edit templates for business processes.

Starting Workflow Designer

Only the user with administrative rights can edit business processes.

Go to Automation > Workflows > Workflows in Feed and select a business process.

Then click Actions > Configure workflows.

Click on the business process template to edit it in the Workflow Designer.

How to work in the Workflow Designer

To add a required activity to the business process template, simply drag it from the list to where you want to insert the new item:

Alternatively, you can click the arrow to open a menu with the selection of activities. Once you have selected an activity from the menu, it will be inserted where you clicked:

The template constructor area is different for sequential and status-driven business process templates. Because a status-driven scheme is constituted by multiple sequential processes, an individual editor is used to modify each of the subprocesses of a status-driven template.

Read more in the article - Status Driven Business Process Template.

Working with activities

Each activity is displayed as a block placed in a sequential scheme of the business process template.

You can perform the following actions with the activities:

  • Click X to delete an activity.

  • Click X to edit the activity parameters.

  • If your template uses a lot of activities, use the collapse button to save space:

To copy an activity, hold down the Ctrl button and drag an activity to where you want to copy the new item.

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