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Edit a configured workflow


Once you have configured a workflow in Activity Stream, you still can edit the following parameters:

  • configure users who participate in workflows (e.g. users who approve leave requests)
  • change access permissions for the workflow
  • edit workflow conditions

The workflow configuration options can be found under Workflows > Workflows in Activity Stream:

Configure users who participate in the workflow

Open workflow, go to Actions > Configure Workflow:

Open workflow options & select Constants:

Select users involved in workflow execution approval steps:

Workflow access permissions

Open Workflows > Workflows in Activity Stream - open workflow you want to edit , go to  Actions > Change workflow preferences:

Go to Access section - here you can or delete users & select access level for them:

Edit workflow

If you'd like to customize the workflow, Activity Stream workflow visual editor is available. Open Workflows > Workflows in Activity Stream - open workflow you want to edit , go to  Actions > Configure Workflow, open workflow actions menu & select Edit:

Here you can edit business process (workflow) template:

Read more about Business Process Visual Editor here.

Please note that all consultations and assistance with business process setup are provided exclusively by local Bitrix24 partners.
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