Bitrix Virtual Appliance Update

Attention: Bitrix Virtual Appliance update is a complex operation during which the system files of the virtual machine operating system are updated, and proper knowledge of *nix systems is indispensable to complete this operation properly. It is recommended to perform a complete backup of the virtual machine.
Please choose option 2. Manage localhost - 6. Update server in the administrative menu to update BitrixVA product.

The script will automatically check for updates of the virtual machine, show the total volume for download and prompt for installation.

Note. This menu item starts updating the current virtual machine components only. If you have several servers in the pool (cluster), it is reasonable to update all the virtual machines in the pool.

  • If something fails following the update, it is possible to recover the old setting files of the relevant service in full or in part because configuration files are not overridden during the update but are rather stored in the files *.ori.(time marker).
  • Also during the update some php modules may disconnect. In order to connect them, please perform the following commands:
     mv -f /etc/php.d/(module).ini.disabled /etc/php.d/(module).ini
    service httpd restart 
Important: Virtual Appliance update can take some time - up to 2-3 hours, or even more, depending on the update tasks size and your server capacity & current load. To check the running update tasks execution please use option 5. Background tasks in the pool > 1. View running tasks. If you need to check the update tasks logs, you can find them here: /opt/webdir/temp.

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