Bitrix24 On-Premise with an expired maintenance subscription


Technical support and consultations are available to active license key holders only.

After one year, the free maintenance subscription expires (becomes inactive), however, your product copy remains fully functional with the exception of modules, tools and services listed in this article.

Functions NOT available after maintenance subscription expiration:

Main module (main)

  • Product updates (including new modules, product improvements and security patches);
  • Product edition upgrades;
  • Sites24 (you won't be able to create new sites, publish sites or edit existing ones, etc.);
  • Marketplace;
  • Marketplace24;
  • DDoS protection.


  • Access to REST methods and events (excluding inbound webhooks).

    Security tokens are provided by our cloud authorization server. The only option that doesn't require it is using inbound webhooks, but it's internal integration (not Marketplace24 apps);

  • Using apps installed from Marketplace24.

Cloud telephony (voximplant)

  • Telephony services;
  • SIP Connector;
  • Purchase of Telephony credits.

Open Channels (imopenlines)

  • Access to Open Channels (Viber, Facebook, etc.), excluding Website Bitrix24 Live Chat.

Push and Pull (pull)

  • Push and Pull cloud server will be disabled. You can configure local Push and Pull server using BitrixVM/BitrixEnv.

Bitrix24 Chat Bots (imbot)

  • Support of all chat bots (including the default bots: MIA, Marta).

Bitrix Cloud Service (bitrixcloud)

  • CDN Acceleration;
  • Site Monitor;
  • Cloud Backup.

Commercial Catalog (catalog)

  • Big Data: personalization.

e-Store (sale)

  • Delivery services.

File Converter (transformer)

  • File Converter service, including documents generator (documents in CRM).

Machine learning (ml)

  • Leads and deals success probability scoring (CRM scoring).

All the other modules will keep on working normally.

If your license key is expired and you want to prolong your subscription, the license key verification result page will show links to add the required services to the shopping cart, and the period within which an extension coupon must be activated (if applicable).

You can verify your license key here - Bitrix24 Store.

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