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Canned Responses in Open Channels


Canned Responses are predetermined responses to common questions, that allows you to insert pre-formatted content into your messages.
Canned responses to frequently asked questions are quick and convenient both for the customer and the online consultant (technical adviser, etc.). In Bitrix24 Open Channels, user responsible for the chat, can insert it from a canned response menu, rather than typing the same answer repeatedly. 

Bitrix24 Open Channels managers can create own FAQ list of replies now for Open Channels.

Canned Replies are based on Lists. This is an independent lists section designed for Open Channels, where you will be able to add, edit, assign access permissions for canned responses. Please note that you can group responses, e.g. categorize them as technical questions, sales, delivery, partners, etc. Use Add Section tab to add new categories:

Users, working in the Open Channels will be able to add own replies to the Canned Responses list as well in one click:

If you'd like to add canned replies beforehand, use + icon to add new replies:

You can select category (section) for new response right inside it's creation form:

If you have several Open Channels connected, you will be able to create canned responses list for each open channel independently. 

Inside Open Channel settings page you can select the canned responses list that will be applied to this particular channel. If you have't created or selected the list for the channel yet, it will be created automatically when one of the channel users will save own answer as canned response via chat window. 

Alternatively, if you prefer to use same list of canned responses for all connected Open Channels, simply select it inside each channel configuration page. 

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