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Technical support for Bitrix24 On-Premise

All Bitrix24 On-Premise (self-hosted) version owners with a valid commercial license can contact Bitrix24 Helpdesk and get qualified assistance straight in their Bitrix24 account.

All you need to do is to add a special chat-bot to Bitrix24 messenger.

Open Control Panel > Settings > System Settings > Module Settings > Bitrix24 Chat Bots and tick Support Bitrix24 on-premise editions.

Bitrix24Care chat-bot will appear in Bitrix24 Messenger. Just send a message to this bot and our Helpdesk specialist will be glad to help you!

Attention! There are some important details:
  • Only account administrator can contact Bitrix24 Helpdesk.
  • The address used in Website public address field must be accessible.
  • SSL certificate must be signed by a valid CA.
  • Bitrix24 on-premise commercial license must be valid.
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