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Advantages of commercial Bitrix24 Cloud plans


There are four plans available to Bitrix24 Cloud version subscribers - Free plan and three commercial plans (Plus, Standard and Professional).

Free plan includes all the basic tools, but commercial plans give some serious advantages.

Commercial plans allow to use Workflow Automation, Sales Automation, connect External Users and unlock many other vital for any business features.

You can compare Bitrix24 plans and review all the advantages of commercial plans on Bitrix24: Plans and pricing page.

Advantages of Plus plan

Plus plan includes all the features of Free plan, but in addition, you get:

More users: two times more users can use Bitrix24 business tools - 24 users instead of 12 Free plan users!

More online storage space: 24Gb of online storage space instead of 5Gb for Free plan users. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Telephony: you can store as many call recordings as you need, receive simultaneous calls to all available employees and track call source. Moreover, you can control your service quality by offering a customer a chance to assess the quality of the service after they have ended the conversation.

CRM: cool additional instruments in CRM will make your life easier - CRM record conversions, advanced duplicate search and CRM records change history. Also, now you can add as many CRM records as you want and view them as a list (available for 5000 records in Free plan).

You can find more information about Plus plan advantages here - Bitrix24: Plans and pricing.

Get Plus plan for just $39/mo.!

Advantages of Standard plan

Standard plan fits best for a large business that actively uses automation, has several product lines or profit centers.

Standard plan provides the same features as Plus plan + a bunch of additional tools.

More users: 50 users of Bitrix24 business tools instead of 24 in Plus plan.

More online storage space: 4 times more online storage space than for Plus plan users - 100Gb instead of 24Gb.

Multiple sales pipelines: if your business has several product lines, you can use up to 10 sales pipelines (only 1 pipeline in Plus plan).

External users: work with contractors? You can invite them as external users and they will access only data they need to and won't be counted as users of the Bitrix24 account.

Sales boost: finding new clients is a complicated task for any business and it's important to work with your customer base. Bitrix24 gives you a tool that helps you to increase sales to existing customers - Sales Boost (this feature is not available in Plus plan).

Open channels: connect an unlimited number of Open Channels and always stay in touch with your clients (2 Open Channels are available in Plus plan).

Absence chart: at a single glance, you can see who is on the road, on vacation, etc. in day, week, and calendar views (this feature is not available in Plus plan).

Access limitations by IP: you can choose to allow individual users and departments to access the service only from chosen IP addresses (this feature is not available in Plus plan).

You can find more information about Standard plan advantages here - Bitrix24: Plans and pricing.

Get Standard plan for just $99/mo.!

Advantages of Professional plan

Professional plan is designed for those who want to use all the possible tools of Bitrix24 without any limits. The most popular commercial plan among Bitrix24 users.

More users: unlimited number of users instead of 50 Professional plan users.

More online storage space: unlimited online storage space instead of 100Gb limit for Standard plan subscribers.

Work reports: you can easily set up reporting on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Bitrix24 reminds employees to send reports, and the contents of daily planner are helpfully included and can be edited before sending the final report. Plans for the next reporting period can also be submitted through this form (this feature is not available in Standard plan).

Time management: clocking in, clocking out, and breaks are transparently recorded, and a convenient planner and daily report keep tasks organized and prioritized (this feature is not available in Standard plan).

Meetings and briefings: Bitrix24 has an end-to-end meeting planner that manages invitations, responses, and the main points of the meeting – which in fact can be directly assigned as tasks from the main meeting interface. Minutes can be logged and the results of the meeting are saved, providing transparency after the meeting has ended. Unfinished topics can be rolled over to the next meeting (this feature is not available in Standard plan).

Multiple sales pipelines: if your business has several product lines, you can use an unlimited number of sales pipelines (5 pipelines in Standard plan).

Records management (Lists): lists help you manage record-based data directly in the front end of your Bitrix24 account. Suppliers' directories, product catalogs, expense items, etc. Filters, sorting, column display, group editing, easy assignment of access permissions, import and export - Lists have an exhaustive set of settings (this feature is not available in Standard plan).

Sites: you can create unlimited number of websites (10 websites for Standard plan subscribers).

Custom automation rules: there are a number of sales and marketing automation rules inside Bitrix24 CRM that can be triggered by a variety of events. For example, you can add or remove clients to and from remarketing lists based on their behavior. Or you can automatically call or send emails to clients a set number of days before their current subscription expires. You can fully automate your sales funnel, segment leads based on their actions and responses and push deals down the pipeline with minimal human involvement (this option is not available in Standard plan).

You can find more information about Professional plan advantages here - Bitrix24: Plans and pricing.

Get Professional plan for just $199/mo.!

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