Mobile app features

In Bitrix24 you can work not only on the computer in the office but also outside the office - anywhere where there is Internet. The Bitrix24 mobile application will help you.

The Bitrix24 mobile app is free and available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Here's an overview of Bitrix24 Mobile app features.


First of all, Bitrix24 Mobile app allows you to communicate with your colleagues using chats and with your clients using open channels.

You can also make video calls in the Bitrix24 mobile app. Call individual colleagues or the entire department in HD quality, free of charge and with no time limit.


This section allows you to keep your company working together. It contains tools such as Feed, Drive, Workflows, and Email. View the news in Feed and comment on your colleagues' posts. Add files to Drive from your phone. Keep track of the current workflows.


You can create Tasks and Projects and follow their statuses. Counters will help you not to miss important changes and comments.

Mobile CRM

Bitrix24 app allows you to work with such CRM elements as My Activities, Contacts, Companies, Deals, Invoices, Estimates, Leads, and Products. You can add a new lead or change the a deal status while you're communicating with a customer.

Also you can start working with Inventory management in the mobile app.


In addition to the basic tools of Bitrix24, the mobile app provides different features. The Menu tab contains Working day, Telephony, Favorites, and Groups sections.

You can work with Calendar events, Shared Drive, as well as Employees and Knowledge Base.

You can make changes in the Settings and start and end your working day in the Working Time Management section.


The mobile app allows you to work with several Bitrix24 accounts simultaneously. Authorize your Bitrix24 accounts and switch between them.

Where can I download it?

The Bitrix24 mobile app is available on the following platforms:

You can also download it on the Bitrix24 website.

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