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Mobile app features

Bitrix24 Mobile app is currently available for iOS & Android (Windows phone is not supported). Please pay attention to the compatibility details provided in each store/market.

Bitrix24 Mobile app is a derivative from Bitrix24 web version. Though you can use it as your main tool, please note that some features and options may be available in Bitrix24 web version only.

Here's an overview of Bitrix24 Mobile app features:


First of all, Bitrix24 Mobile app allows you to communicate with your colleagues using chats and with your clients using open channels.

You can create a new chat in Mobile app. Just click + at the bottom right corner > select the chat type (public or private) > invite employees to the chat.

Swipe the chat in the Chats list to the left. Here you can Pin or Delete this chat.

You can enable/disable group chats notifications by tapping Follow/Unfollow in the chats list. Also, you can do that in chat settings.

You can invite participants to the chat one by one or invite the whole department at once. And if you are an owner of the chat, you can set a new owner or remove any participant from the chat.

To do that, open Participants section and swipe the participant to the left.

View, comment and "like" posts in Activity Stream. Also, you can send photos straight to Activity Stream.

Employees list

In Bitrix24 Mobile app you can view employees list as easily as you do that in Bitrix24 web version. Just open Employees section in the app menu. 


Tap Settings in the app menu.

Settings are divided into two groups:

  1. App Settings.
    • Notifications.

      Allow notifications - enable this option to get push notifications.

      Use Smart Filter - this feature disables push notifications while you work on the same Bitrix24 account in web version.

      App Counter - select tools whose counters you would like to see in the summary counter on the app icon.

      Also, you can disable unnecessary notifications in this section.

  2. Device Settings.
    • Bitrix24 Settings.

      Haptic - enable/disable haptic feedback.

      Language - select language.

    • Synchronization.

      Here you can configure Contacts and Calendars Auto Synchronization and Scheduled Synchronization.

    • Memory.

      Here you can clear cache or delete all data.

    • Files.

      Select video quality.

    • Notifications.

      Configure notifications.

    • Permissions.

      Configure access permissions.

Working Time Management

You can clock in/clock out and take a break in Bitrix24 Mobile app.


You can create tasks, control progress on tasks and tasks status. In Mobile app you can perform all the same actions on tasks as in web version. If there is a file attached to the task, you can open it on your mobile device.
Read more about tasks in Bitrix24 Mobile app in the article - Tasks in Bitrix24 Mobile app.


Bitrix24 Mobile app allows to view documents and images. Everything, that you have access to on your Bitrix24 account - files stored on your Bitrix24.Drive, public files on Company drive, your workgroups files, etc. The following formats are supported: TXT, PNG, PDF, JPG, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX.

You can upload files from your phone to your Bitrix24.Drive or attach them to tasks or send to Activity Stream.

There are some important differences in the way you upload files:
  • If you upload photos or videos to My Drive, they are not getting compressed.
  • If you upload photos or videos straight to Activity Stream or attach them to a task, they are getting compressed first. You can change the quality of the uploaded video in Settings > Device Settings > Files.

You can upload up to 10 files at once.


In Bitrix24 Mobile app you can use Calendar and view your schedule, appointments, meetings and events. Also, you can accept or decline invitations, create new events and invite other users to these events.

You can synchronize your Bitrix24 calendar with your phone calendar in Settings > Device Settings > Synchronization.


Mobile app allows you to work with CRM elements such as Activities, Contacts, Companies, Deals, Invoices, Quotes, Leads, Products. You can create a new lead or change deal status anytime no matter where you are.

In Contacts section, you can tap Business card and use your phone camera to scan business cards. New contact or company is created after scanning.

Audio and Video calls

Bitrix24 Telephony works in Mobile app. If you want to call your colleague, you can do that! If you call your client, you can view an information about a deal in one click! Bitrix24 records calls, can redirect calls to a different employee (redirecting to a mobile phone works in web version only), automatically forwards calls to a responsible person, etc.

Audio and Video calls work through Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, with HD 16:9 support.


You can work with Extranet and Intranet workgroups in Bitrix24 Mobile app.

You can view workgroup Activity Stream, create a new post, add and view tasks, view workgroup files and upload new files to workgroup drive.

Switch Account

You can use different Bitrix24 accounts in Bitrix24 Mobile app. To switch between Bitrix24 accounts, click Switch Account in the app menu and select the needed Bitrix24 Account.

You can connect another Bitrix24 Account by tapping + button. Then enter Bitrix24 Account credentials and it'll be added to the list.

You can also delete a Bitrix24 account from the list or edit your authorization parameters.

If you use two-step authorization, you'll need to enter a one-time password generated in Bitrix24 OTP app after entering account password. Or you can use a special application password instead.

Download Bitrix24 Mobile app

Bitrix24 Mobile app is free. You can download it on GooglePlay or AppStore. The app is available for Android 6.0+ and iOS 13.0+.
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