Low telephony balance notification

Bitrix24 automatically notifies administrators when Bitrix24 Telephony balance is low. There are two types of notifications for two different groups of administrators:

  • First administrator

    The system counts the average spending rate for the last seven days, and if the current telephony balance is not enough for two more "average days", the first administrator gets the following email message:


    Thank you for using Bitrix24 telephony services.

    At the current spending rate, your balance may reach zero in two days. You won't be able to make calls or use the full range of telephony services.

    To ensure uninterrupted telephony services, please top up your account at You will find the detailed breakdown of call expenses at the "Balance and statistics" page.

    Best regards,
    Bitrix24 Team

  • Other administrators

    If you have rented phone numbers, or there are any calls made within five days, and balance is lower than 6$, the system displays a red warning about low balance at the top of the page for all administrators of the Bitrix24 account.

    All Bitrix24 administrators will receive a chat notification about the need to top up the balance.

    If you still see a low balance notification in the form of a red bar at the top of the screen after topping up, go to Telephony and the bar will disappear.

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