Voice and video calls

We understand that more and more companies start using Bitrix24 for video calls and voice calls, so we're working hard on improving the connection quality. Thanks for using Bitrix24!

Video and voice calls between employees

To call an employee:

  • Type the employee's name to the Search bar in Bitrix24 Messenger > click Voice call or Video call:
  • Allow Bitrix24 Messenger to access camera and microphone > start conversation.
If you has restricted access to camera and microphone, you can undo these changes in the browser settings. For example, in Google Chrome you should go to Settings > Privacy and security > Site settings > Permissions > find your Bitrix24 account address and allow access to camera and microphone.

You can send text messages to the user you are talking to, or send messages to other users while video calling.

You can also invite new users to a chat while video calling.

Group calls

Create a private group chat and perform a video call to start a group call.

You can also invite other users after starting the call or disconnect from it.

Call window will appear in the same chat window when calling in the browser.

  • The calls are available in both private and public chats.
  • The calls are available in the browser, the Desktop and Mobile app.
  • The maximum number of call participants:
    • All commercial plans - 48 participants.
    • Free plan - 12 participants.
    • In chats, where the number of participants exceeds the limit, group video calls are only possible via the Zoom conferences.

  • The call duration is unlimited.
  • Group voice and video calls can be recorded only in Bitrix24 desktop app for Windows and Mac.

Call window

The following buttons are available in the call window to access the additional features.

  1. Speaker mode/Grid mode - in the speaker mode, the person's video that is currently speaking is displayed. In the grid mode, all the participants' video is displayed.
  2. Fullscreen - maximize the call window.
  3. Add - add new participants to the call.
  4. Mic - enable/disable the microphone or select the needed one if you have several.
  5. Camera - enable/disable the camera or select the needed one if you have several.
  6. Chat - switch to the chat window without ending the ongoing call.
  7. Raise hand - click this button if you want to say something but don't want to interrupt your colleague. This button is available in a call with more than two participants. In this case, the hand icon appears with the corresponding heading.
  8. Screen - enable the screen sharing option.
  9. Record - enable the call recording option (not available at the moment, this feature will be added soon).
  10. Document - make a call brief or create and edit documents together.
  11. Disconnect - click this button to disconnect from the call.

Control buttons are also available if you have minimized the call window.

  1. Panel - click the panel to return to the call.
  2. Return to call - click the button to return to the call.
  3. Disconnect - disconnect from the call.
Technical requirements for video calls are described in this article.

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