Cannot log in using social networks

There are two possible reasons for problems with logging in using social networks:

1. You have several accounts in one social network

Possibly, you have several accounts in one social network, for example, several Facebook accounts. One of them is connected with your Bitrix24 Account, and the other is not.

In this case, try using the other account for logging in.

2. One social network account is connected with several Bitrix24.Network accounts

Possibly, you've connected, for example, your Facebook account with one Bitrix24.Network account and then with another one.

In this case, social login works only for the Bitrix24.Network account that was connected the last. Here's a simple guide on fixing this issue:

  • Log in to your Bitrix24.Network account using the social network account.

  • Disconnect the social network account.

    Then log out from this Bitrix24.Network account and log in back using the social network account.

We recommend setting an email address and password for your Bitrix24.Network account. Read how to do that in the article - Log in using social networks.
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