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Open channels: how does the queue work


This article will help you understand the logic of different enquiry distribution modes and how does the queue work.

  • If "exactly as enqueued" enquiry distribution mode is selected, the first agent in the queue gets the first enquiry. If the enquiry has not been accepted by the agent, it is forwarded to the next agent in the queue. If no one in the queue accepted the enquiry, it will be redirected to the first agent in the queue again.
  • If an agent that meets the specified criteria is not found, the enquiry will remain undistributed. In this case, the client gets the notification that none of the agents can respond to his/her enquiry.
  • The employee is considered to be offline if he/she does nothing on his/her computer for 10 minutes or has his/her PC locked (works when the Bitrix24 Desktop app is running). If the agent uses Bitrix24 Web version, he/she is considered to be online as long as the tab with the Bitrix24 account is opened.
  • The following criteria have to be met for the enquiry to be directed to the employee:
    • The employee is not dismissed
    • The employee is not on vacation
    • The employee is online (if the corresponding option is activated)
    • The employee has clocked in and is not having a break
    • The maximum number of enquiries per agent has not been reached (if the corresponding option is activated).
  • The wait time before the enquiry is redirected to the next employee is based on the time period specified in the settings. If the enquiry has not been distributed, the system tries to distribute it every 2 minutes.
  • When redirecting the enquiry to the employee that is responsible for this client in CRM, the same conditions must be met as when redirecting to an employee from the queue, except for the "Maximum enquiries per agent" and "online/offline" conditions.
  • The enquiries, which were assigned to dismissed employees or employees on vacation, return to the queue and are distributed again once in 24 hours.
  • Enquiries are automatically closed when more than a week has elapsed since the last message.

Features of "Evenly" type of distribution

It may seem that enquiries are actually not distributed evenly when the Evenly distribution mode is selected.

The main goal of that algorithm is to provide the customer with an agent's response as soon as possible, not to distribute an even number of enquires between agents in the queue. The algorithm tracks time since the last response for each agent. Then it passes the dialogue to the agent with a longer period passed since the previous reply and starts tracking time again. This eliminates a constant flow of chats to one agent (considering all other conditions being equal for agents in the queue). If distributing goes only among several agents then there is(are) reason(s) for that.

Exceptions might depend on Open Channel settings: e.g. passing enquires, redirecting to other agent, going offline, working day pauses. The main criteria, however, is online\offline status. If agents are online, only they will get new chats, other (offline) employees will not get any incoming sessions. The system will direct chats to all people in the queue only if they all are online/offline.

Important!The number of employees in the open channel queue cannot exceed the number of users that can access business tools in the account. The number of users that can use business tools depends on Bitrix24 Plan.
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