Workflow preferences

When creating a new workflow, you need to configure its preferences first.

If you want to edit an existing workflow, select it in the Workflows in Activity Stream section > click Actions > Change workflow preferences.

Workflow preferences are divided into three groups (tabs): Settings, Titles and Access.


Here you can configure:

  • Workflow name
  • Workflow description - here you can provide more information about the workflow
  • Sort - the smaller is the "sort" value, the higher is the workflow in the list of available workflows
  • Image - this image will be displayed next to the workflow name in the list of available workflows.


Here you can edit captions for workflow items and sections. For example, if the workflow is used for document approval, you can change Add Element to Add Document.


In the Access tab, you can configure access permissions to the workflow for groups, users or departments.


If you're editing an existing workflow, there is the Actions button at the top right corner.

You can:

  • Delete workflow
  • Copy workflow - the same workflow will be added to the list of Workflows in Activity Stream but with a (copy) addition.
  • Configure workflow fields
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