Set a login and password when logging in via a social network

Bitrix24 supports authorization via social networks. If you used one of the services during registration, but you need to simplify the process of logging in to the account, create a familiar login and password. In this case, email will be used as a login.

Creating a login and password also simplifies logging in via the desktop application.

Read more information in the article: Log in to Bitrix24 Desktop application.

Add an email address to my Bitrix24 Network profile

Go to the Bitrix24 Network profile page and log in with the social network account you have used during registration.

Click Connect email.

Connect email

Enter your email address and create a password. Click Save.

Then open your inbox and find a confirmation letter.

Mail confirmation may not be necessary if you link a mailbox with the social network integration.

Confirm email address and it will be connected to your Bitrix24 Network profile.

If the system shows an error, it means that this email is already registered in Bitrix24 Network profile. In this case you can use another email or unlink the desired email from the account. To do this, go to the Bitrix24 Network profile by the current email and click Change in the email field. Specify a new email address and confirm it. After this, you can connect it to the desired account.

Now you can use not only your social network, but also your login and password when logging in to Bitrix24 account using a browser or desktop application.

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