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CRM Store

CRM Store is a new format for online sales. There is no need to create an online store to start selling online. You can simply send a link to the order page via SMS message to your client. The client needs to tap/click the link to pay the order using any convenient payment method.

How it works

Open any deal form and click Receive payment:

Select or create new products or services. If you've already done it when adding the deal, these products/services will be selected automatically.

Select a stage the deal will be moved to after the payment is received.

Select a delivery service.

Click Send.

The client gets the SMS message with a link to the order page.

Learn how a client pays an order in the CRM Store from the article - How a client pays an order in the CRM Store.
Before using the CRM Store, make sure to:
  1. Configure SMS service provider, for example, Twilio.
  2. Connect payment systems.
  3. Add delivery services.
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