Bitrix24 Support: data you may be asked to provide

If you face constant problems with access to your Bitrix24 or errors when using it, you can contact Bitrix24 Support.

Bitrix24 Support Team specialist may ask you for your IP address and the results of the traceroute command.

It's better if a specialist with certain knowledge or system administrator will contact Bitrix24 Support.

Check your IP

You can check your IP by using one of the following services:

Save your IP address or take a screenshot.


You need to trace the route to your Bitrix24. Here is how:

Press WIN + R > type cmd > click OK:

Type tracert YOUR_BITRIX24_ADDRESS > press Enter.

Open Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

Type traceroute YOUR_BITRIX24_ADDRESS.

Chrome OS
Open the Terminal app from the launcher or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + T.

Type tracepath YOUR_BITRIX24_ADDRESS > press Enter.

Use the command exit to close the Terminal app.

Save the result as a text file or take a screenshot.

Now, when you know your IP address and have the result of the traceroute command, you can send these data to the Bitrix24 Support team specialist.

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