Connect Apple Business Chat

Connect your Apple Business Chat account with Bitrix24 to process Apple devices users' messages sent via the Message app.

To connect the Apple Business Chat with Bitrix24, you'll need to create a new verified Apple Business Chat ID or use an existing one and select Bitrix24 as a Messaging Service Provider.

Registering Apple Business Chat

Go to Contact Center > Apple Business Chat.

If you don't have the verified Apple Business Chat ID, you have to register it by clicking Connect. If you already have an Apple Business Chat ID, you can connect Apple Business Chat by clicking the configure manually link.

After logging in or registering the Apple Business ID, enable the Business Accounts for Messages service. Click the Add service button > Done.

Click Business Chat Accounts.

Click Add new:

Accept Business Chat Policies. Also, there are links to helpful articles on this page.

1. Business Chat Account

In this step, you need to add information about your company: address, contacts, type of company.

Provide detailed information about your company.

If you're connecting the Apple Business Chat for the first time, we strongly recommend testing all the possible usage scenarios.

To do that, you can set a special Apple Business Chat test connection. The test connection does not require verification and starts working immediately, but, unlike the commercial connection, only Apple IDs that have been specified as testers can access this channel. In this case, select the Internal test Account as a type of your Account.

Read more in the article - Configure additional features in Apple Business Chat.

If everything is ok, select your Business Chat Account type - Commercial account.

Specify your technical staff to contact with - Technical Contact.

Specify how your company works: online or offline. If you have two or more public locations or an online business with no public locations, then the Brand profile is what you need. If you have one public location, then you need the Locations profile.

There are two types of profiles available - Brand profile and Locations profile.

Brand profile is selected if your business is online with no public locations or has two or more public locations.

Locations profile is selected if your business has only one public location. In this case, you will be asked to specify its address, or if there is no such location on Apple Maps, you'll be asked to add it.

2. Brand Information Card

In this step, you need to create a new brand, select the design of notifications, specify the live agent response hours.


Choose a brand for this Business Chat account or add a new brand.

Fill in the required fields: name, phone, category of your brand.

Fill in the additional information about the brand: messaging response time and telephone number.

Select the time zone and specify the working hours of your agents.

3. Brand Identity

In this step, you need to select a square logo and wide logo.

You need to upload the square logo to a special area. On the right, you can see what the logo will look like in the push notifications in the dark and light color mode.
Min. logo size - 1024px x 1024px, full color background (not transparent), PNG or JPEG, max. file size 2MB. Read more in the Apple documentation.

Then confirm that your logo meets the requirements:

  1. The logo has a background.
  2. The logo size fits notifications.
  3. The logo is legible in the light and dark mode.

If one of these requirements is not met, click Back, correct the logo according to the requirements and upload it again:

Next, upload the wide logo to a special area. On the right, you can see what the logo will look like in the push notifications in the dark and light color mode. You can also select the background color and the color of the buttons.

Min. height - 256px, max. width - 1706px, background can be transparent, PNG or JPEG, max. file size - 2MB. Read more in the Apple documentation.

Then confirm that your logo meets the requirements:

  1. The logo is legible.
  2. The logo is nicely contained in the header preview (not cut off).
  3. The logo in the header contrasts with background color and navigation buttons.

4. Messaging Service Provider Configuration

In the last step, select the Messaging service provider.

Select Bitrix24 from the list of Apple authorized commercial messaging service providers.

Checking the data and sending them for review

Make sure that all the specified data is correct and, if necessary, edit the data by clicking the Edit button. Then click Send for review to send your business ID for review to Apple.

Important! Business ID review and verification is done manually by Apple employees and can take some time. Bitrix24 cannot speed up the process.

Connect Apple Business Chat

After passing the initial verification, click Test your Messaging Service Provider connection in the Messaging Service Provider section:

Click Connect:

You'll be redirected to your Bitrix24. Click Connect.

Or you can copy the verified Business Chat ID > click configure manually in your Bitrix24 > paste the Business Chat ID to the corresponding field > click Connect.

Apple Business Chat is ready to be online after internal checking for sending and receiving messages.

The next required condition is QA testing. You will be notified about it by Apple Business Chat specialists. You will receive instructions on how to prepare for QA testing and how to create Use Cases.

You fill out and send the Use Cases documentation and approve that you are ready for QA testing.

After your Use Cases are approved, you will receive the schedule for QA testing.

After successfully passing the QA testing, the account is given the Online status, and an email is sent to the Business ID account email address.

How it works

A client gets to your website > clicks the website widget > sends you a message via Apple Business Chat.

An agent gets a message to Bitrix24 Chat (web version, desktop or mobile app).

Apple Business Chat features:
  • Apple device is needed to send messages to Apple Business Chat via the Messages app (iOS 11.3 and higher, macOS 10.13.4 and higher, watchOS 4.3 and higher).
  • All messages are sent and delivered in real-time.
  • You can send videos, photos, files, and pay via Apple Pay in chat.
  • Connecting the Apple Business Chat to Bitrix24 is available to Standard and Professional plan subscribers only.

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