Examples of webhooks for developers

We have made the process of developing apps more convenient and easier in Bitrix24.

Go to the Applications section > Developer resources. There you can find the common use cases as well as the complete list of all webhooks created in your Bitrix24 account and statistics of their use.

Common use cases

In this section, you can find the ready-made scripts with the code samples and with the pre-installed parameters based on webhooks and local applications. We have collected the most popular use cases for working with webhooks, but you can always make your own integrations.

In the webhook configuration, we provide an easy-to-use REST request builder that finds the necessary parameter values ​​online for further use in external systems.

In the request builder, you can select the needed REST API method, read its description, download an example, add your own parameters. You can also execute the request here, get the result and thus check that the webhook works correctly.

If you want to restrict the execution of requests for certain Bitrix24 tools, you can assign the appropriate permissions.

There are several categories of common use cases:

Import and export data
  • Import customers to the CRM
  • Export customers from the CRM
  • Implement custom widget usage scenarios in Bitrix24
Third-party system integration
  • Synchronize customers in your Bitrix24 with the external database
  • Add leads to your Bitrix24 CRM from an external database
Automate sales
  • Move a lead along the sales funnel
  • Move a deal along the sales funnel
Automate management tasks
  • Create tasks from email
  • Send a notification about an important event or information to an employee
  • Send a report to the Activity Stream from an external system
  • Track tasks
Add a widget
  • Add a custom tab to the CRM entity information pane to show additional customer information
  • Add custom action to CRM information pane
  • Add the sales script to the call information pane
  • Create an invoice for hours worked
Add a chat bot
  • Notify employees in the chat
  • Create a chat bot to process the chat messages and react to a predefined set of keywords
  • Create a local application or submit a request for development services with our partners
  • Create an outbound webhook to obtain information about events occurring in your Bitrix24
  • Create an inbound webhook to process your Bitrix24's data using the API.


Bitrix24 administrators can view all integrations in one place and be informed of who created them, which events trigger the respective webhooks, what access permissions webhooks and applications have. All applications using REST API are taken into account, including the apps from the Market. You can also edit or delete the selected webhook there.

The secret codes of the other users' webhooks are not available even to the administrator. If the administrator edits the webhook of the other user, the secret code will be reset, and the administrator will become the owner of this webhook.

Data security and safety

There is always a unique secret code in the webhook to call rest api and in the incoming webhook address. The outgoing webhook also has a special secret application token. These are randomly generated each time a webhook is created.

Secret codes and tokens should not be shown in the page code, script or open sources. They are direct access to your Bitrix24 data, such as access to CRM. You can read, modify and delete Bitrix24 data with these secret codes and tokens.


In this section, you can view the number of requests for each webhook, external integration or application. For your convenience, you can set the columns displayed in the webhooks' list and use filters.

REST load statistics section is available to administrators only.

By default, these statistics are displayed for the last 14 days. However, you can use the filter and view statistics for the last 60 days, but the maximum step in each selection should not exceed 14 days.

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