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HD Video calls in Bitrix24 Desktop app

Video calls in the Bitrix24 Desktop app are almost the same as video calls in the browser. Invite your colleagues to a chat and click the HD Video call button.

When there is an inbound call, the call window is displayed. There you can answer the call with or without video or decline it.

The following buttons are available in the call window:

  1. Speaker mode/Grid mode - in the speaker mode, the person's video that is currently speaking is displayed. In the grid mode, all the participants' video is displayed.
  2. Fullscreen - maximize the call window.
  3. Add - add new participants during the call.
  4. Mic - enable/disable the microphone or select the needed one if you have several.
  5. Camera - enable/disable the camera or select the needed one if you have several.
  6. Chat - switch to the chat window without ending the ongoing call.
  7. Raise hand - click the button if you want to say something but don't want to interrupt your colleague. This button is available in a call with more than two participants. In this case, the hand icon appears with the corresponding heading.
  8. Screen - enable the screen sharing option.
  9. Record - enable the call recording option.
  10. Document - create document based on the call.
  11. Hang up - click this button to finish the call.

Click the Screen button and select which screen or browser tab do you want to share. Then click Share.

Screen sharing

You can upload a custom background image, use hard or light blur, or use one of the premade background images. Click the Change background button in the camera or mic settings menu. Changing the background is available in the Bitrix24 Desktop app only.

Customize background image in video calls

  • The calls are available in both private and public chats.

  • The calls are available in the browser, the Desktop and Mobile app.

  • The maximum number of call participants depends on your Bitrix24 plan. You can find the information about your plan features on the pricing page.

  • If the number of participants exceeds the limit, group video calls are only possible via the Zoom conferences.

  • The call duration is unlimited.

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