Record a video call

Video calls can be recorded only in Bitrix24 desktop app for Windows and Mac. You can download the app on this page.

To start recording a call in Bitrix24 desktop app, press the record button. You can record sound, video of the active window and screen sharing.

While recording, the information about recording time will be displayed at the top of the window. To finish the recording, press the record button again.

When the call or recording ends, the video file is saved locally. Then it automatically synchronizes with the user's Drive. You can share the recording with all participants in the call chat.

If Bitrix24.Disk is not connected to the desktop app, you will be prompted to enable Disk first and then share the recording.

A link to the file is sent to the chat. You can download the recording to your disk or computer, as well as watch it directly in the chat.

If you switch to a text chat while recording a video call, the recording will be suspended. It is done for privacy purposes.

Where are the recording files stored?

Recorded calls are stored in Bitrix24 in My Disk section > Video Call Records.

On your computer, recordings are stored in the following folders:

  • Windows: Videos > Video Call Records
  • MacOS: Movies > Video Call Records

Files are saved in the following format: Chat name (or the name of the interlocutor) - Call {number} - {date of call}.webm.

If there were several recordings during one call session, the file name is followed by the record number in brackets after the date.

Call recording features

  • Call recording is available only in Bitrix24 app for Windows and Mac.

  • On Free plan, it is possible to record only first 100 successful calls with duration over 30 seconds.

    On commercial plans, there are no limits.

  • Only one person can record a call.

  • If you close the Bitrix24 desktop app while recording a call, the record will be stopped. During the next launch of the app, the system will offer to synchronize the recording and share it with the participants of the call.

  • If it is one-to-one call and then more participants are invited, the current recording is automatically ends and a new one starts. The first recording is sent to the one-to-one chat, the next one is sent to the group chat.

  • The employee, who is recording a call, cannot record text chat windows.

  • If the person, who is recording a call, shares a screen, it will be recorded. In case the window being shown is obstructed by something, the top of the screen will be recorded.

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