Updated articles: February 2021

In February, 2021 we have updated some articles about Feed, Open Channels, CRM forms, and booking resources.

New articles

  • How to change the CRM form domain

    New CRM forms use the functionality of websites. The domain is specified in the form address. You can change it. This is a temporary solution. There will be more convenient way to change the domain.

  • Personalized CRM forms and "Client match" feature

    These forms are made to work with loyal clients. CRM forms will be filled out automatically with the clients` data.

  • Resource booking: how to set up a CRM card

    This is a script for working with clients and it is slightly different from selling goods. The client chooses the service, the time, or the specialist who will provide the service.

  • Feed updates

    We have improved the pinned messages in Feed. Now posts do not pile up in a big list, but collapse in one window.

  • Also a new emoji is available for you to add to posts.

Updated articles

  • Queue in Open Channels

    Now entire departments can be added to the open channel queue.

  • Website widget

    The information on how to remove the widget was added. We remind that if the widget is installed via JS-code on "1C-Bitrix", then Bitrix24 On-Premise should be with the version of the main module 19, otherwise the widget will not work.

  • What to do if the time is displayed incorrectly?

    The information about the Bitrix24 desktop application was added.

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