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Open Channels in Bitrix24 collect messages from different sources in real time and distribute chat sessions among responsible employees in the queue.

How to create an Open Channel

The administrator can create a new open channel in Open Channels section > List > Create Open Channel.

  • An employee needs to have access permissions to configure open channels. By default, only the administrator can create and configure open channels.
  • The number of open channels that you can create depends on your Bitrix24 plan.
  • All the open channels you create are linked to the domain name of your Bitrix24 Account. Thus, you need to configure open channels again if you change the domain name of your Bitrix24 Account.

Here's a list of available Open Channel settings:


The name is generated automatically, but you can edit this name by clicking the Pencil button. Remember that your clients will see this name in the chat window header.

Connected communication channels

You can connect several communication channels to the same open channel. Communication channels' tiles that you can connect have a bright background, and connected ones have a colored background.


Here you can select employees that will process messages.

Click More to configure other settings.

CRM customer database

  • Verify client in CRM database.

    If a client is not found in CRM database, new lead can be created automatically or manually. There is a link in a chat window to create a new lead manually. In this case, a client's full name and message history are added to a new lead.

    Note: a new lead is created only if you have a possibility and contact information to contact a client back. For example, if you get a message sent from a social network, you can contact this client back, hence a new lead is created.

    But if you get a message sent from a Live Chat and the sender hasn't left any contact information and left your website, you cannot contact this client back, hence a new lead is not created.

  • Transfer enquiry to responsible person if client ID is recognized - activate this option and if this client is found in your CRM, the conversation is transferred to an employee that is responsible for this client (even if the employee is not added to the queue).
  • Auto change lead's responsible person when transferring conversation to another operator - activate this option and if you transfer chat to another employee during the conversation, this employee will become a responsible person for this client. If not activated, when the chat is transferred, the one who first accepted the chat will still remain responsible for the client.

Manage Queue

Click Configure responsible person queue to manage the queue.

Here you can select an enquiry distribution mode:

  • Evenly - current order of employees involved (added to the queue) is of no sequence; enquiries will be distributed so that all the employees get a similar workload.

    Features of "Evenly" type of distribution

    The main goal of that algorithm is to provide the customer with an operator's response as soon as it possible, not to distribute an even number of sessions between employees in the queue. The algorithm tracks time since the last response for each operator. Then it passes the dialogue to the operator with a longer time period passed since the last response and starts tracking time again. This eliminates a constant flow of chats to one operator (considering all other conditions being equal for operators in the queue). If distributing goes only among several operators then there is(are) reason(s) for that.

    Exceptions might depend on Open Channel settings: e.g. passing dialogs, redirecting to other operators, going offline, working day pauses. The main criteria, however, is online\offline status. If operators are online, only they will get new chats, other (offline) employees will not get any incoming sessions. The system will direct chats to all people in the queue only if they all are online/offline.

  • Exactly as enqueued implies that a current order of employees takes precedence; a new enquiry will be sent to the first available person, and then to the next one in the queue if no response follows.
  • To everybody - requests will be submitted to all employees in the queue.

Response timeout before requeuing and Mark request as unanswered in - specify the time interval from 1 minute to half an hour.

You can also activate the Don't enqueue enquiry to employee if not checked-in or away option.

Check that user is online when distributing conversations - when conversations are distributed between the employees, each employee is checked if he/she is online or not.

Always check operator's online status - if a conversation is not set to auto close, the system will check that the operator is online whenever a new message is received. If the operator is offline, the message will be transferred back to the queue.

Limit conversations per operator - activate this option to limit conversations per operator. You can also specify which chats should be excluded:

  • Replied to - excludes chats to which an operator replied at least once, closed and pending rating chats.
  • Waiting for user reaction - excludes chats to which an operator replied and is now waiting for reaction. Closed and pending rating chats are also excluded.
  • Closed - excludes closed and pending rating chats.

How does the queue work

  • If "exactly as enqueued" enquiry distribution mode is selected, the first employee in the queue gets the first enquiry. If the enquiry has not been accepted by the employee, it is forwarded to the next employee in the queue. If no one in the queue accepted the enquiry, it will be redirected to the first employee in the queue again.
  • If an employee that meets the specified criteria is not found, the conversation will remain undistributed. In this case, the client gets the notification that none of the employees can respond to his/her enquiry.
  • The employee is considered to be offline if he/she does nothing on his/her computer for 10 minutes or has his/her PC locked (works when the Bitrix24 Desktop app is running). If the employee uses Bitrix24 Web version, he/she is considered to be online as long as the tab with the Bitrix24 account is opened.
  • The following criteria have to be met in order for the enquiry to be directed to the employee:
    • The employee is not dismissed
    • The employee is not on vacation
    • The employee is online (if the corresponding option is activated)
    • The employee has clocked in and is not having a break
    • The maximum number of conversations per operator has not been reached (if the corresponding option is activated).
  • The wait time before the conversation is redirected to the next employee is based on the time period specified in the settings. If the enquiry has not been distributed, the system tries to distribute it every 2 minutes.
  • When redirecting the conversation to the employee that is responsible for this client in CRM, the same conditions must be met as when redirecting to an employee from the queue, except for the "Maximum conversations per employee" and "online/offline" conditions.
  • The conversations, which were assigned to dismissed employees or employees on vacation, return to the queue and are distributed again once in 24 hours.
  • Conversations are automatically closed when more than a week has elapsed since the last message.
Important!The number of employees in the open channel queue cannot exceed the number of users that can access business tools in the account. The number of users that can use business tools depends on Bitrix24 Plan.

Chat bot settings

Activate Assign chat bot when a client request is received option and all enquires will be assigned to the chat bot first. Then they will be distributed as usual.

You can download chat bots from Bitrix24 Marketplace.

Automatic actions

Click Configure automatic actions to view automatic actions settings.

Send greetings - this text will be sent immediately after a client has submitted an initial message.

If none of the employees could answer an enquiry, you can reply with the automated text reply.

There are several actions available If employees never answered an enquiry. One of them is Enqueue. That means that the enquiry will be moving in circles in the queue until an employee answers it. This option is available only if Evenly type of distribution is selected.

Conversation closing action - this message will be sent to your clients after the chat has been closed.

Also, you can specify Delay until conversation is completely closed (after it was closed by the operator).

Canned responses

In this section, you can select a list with the canned responses or create a new list. Canned responses save your employees' time as the most common questions are now answered quickly.

Read more about canned responses in the article - Canned Responses in Open Channels.

Working time preferences

Here you can select a time zone, specify business hours, weekends, etc.

If you get a message from a client during off-hours, you can configure automated text reply.

Message log

If this option is activated, all conversations are stored in the open channels' statistics.


Activate this option to send warning about collecting personal data.

Here you can select a consent from the list or create a new one.

Quality assessment

When the conversation is ended, your client receives a message asking him/her to rate the conversation with the operator. This option is available for all Bitrix24 commercial plans.

Your supervisor can also rate your chats. This option is available for Standard and Professional plans subscribers.
Read more about quality assessment in the article - Open Channels: Quality Assessment.

Language preferences

Here you can select the language used in the e-mail messages when your customer requests a message log or gets a notification.

Connect communication channels

In Bitrix24 you can connect next communication channels:

Unfortunately, you cannot connect your WhatsApp with Bitrix24 as WhatsApp doesn't provide the official public API. This API is needed to integrate messenger with other services. As soon as WhatsApp releases official public API, we will add the option to connect WhatsApp with Bitrix24.
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