Video calls recording in Bitrix24 app

We are pleased to inform you about an option of recording video calls in Bitrix24 desktop application.

You need to update Bitrix24 app beforehand and click the record button during a video call.

You can record audio, video of the active window and a demonstration of your colleagues' screen.

Video calls recording is available only in the Bitrix24 app.

Plan limits

On Free plan, calls recording, using of backgrounds  and screen sharing are available only for the first 100 successful calls with duration longer than 30 seconds.

On commercial plans, there are no limits on call recording, using of backgrounds and screen sharing.

Where to download the Bitrix24 app

When Bitrix24 app is launched, you need to update it.

You can download or update the Bitrix24 app for Windows and macOS on the download page.

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