Miro integration app

Connect your Bitrix24 team to the excellent Miro online Whiteboards.
Create workspaces, use Mind Maps, cards, stickers, and others tools.


Find the app in Bitrix24 Market:
Click install:
Read & accept Terms and Conditions > continue:
Finish the installation process, no setup required:

The whiteboards are available in Tasks and Workgroups:

Non-admin Bitrix24 users will not have the Miro Boards tabs by default.
Grant access as you find necessary.
There are two ways of adding the whiteboards:
  • Sign in option - for long-term work and collaboration
  • Without registration - for temporary use only as the board will be deleted after 24 hours
You can add, view, and unpin the boards:
Set the new boards' access permissions when adding them to Bitrix:
General Tasks permissions are configured separately.

The whiteboard navigation and management are identical to what you have in Miro.
If you're new, Miro Help center got you covered for that and much more.

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