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Miro integration app

Connect your Bitrix24 tasks & projects to Miro's whiteboard to get the most out of it.
Create workspaces, use Mind Maps, cards, stickers, and others tools to kick off your collaborative process and pin the results to related projects & tasks in Bitrix24.


To install the app make sure to follow these simple steps. You may find the app in Bitrix24 Market:
Miro integration in Bitrix24.Market.jpeg
Click Install to proceed with the installation:
Install Miro integration.jpeg
Feel free to check the detailed info in the app description as it might contain valuable and important information for you.
Miro. Description section.jpeg

To install the application, you'll need to read & accept applicable Terms and Conditions. Each and every app required certain permissions (scopes) to operate.

If you would like to receive additional information on the scopes presented, kindly check the context help button and the following documentation on scopes.
Miro. Installation form, TOS, scopes.jpeg
Finish the installation process, no setup required:
Miro. Finish installation.jpeg
Miro. Finish button.jpeg
Once the process is complete, you'll be able both to access the text guide in the app and to download a manual.
Miro application page.jpeg

The whiteboards are available in tasks, projects and workgroups (Tasks and Projects section within your Bitrix24 account). If you have been actively working on a specific task or project, you'll be able to embed relevant whiteboards to them. 

That lets you access the whiteboards from the corresponding task, workgroup or project anytime, provided you have required access permissions.

Non-admin Bitrix24 users will not have the Miro Boards tabs by default.
Grant access as you find necessary.

To add a whiteboard, go to a task, workgroup or project you would like to link your whiteboards to.

Initially, after switching to the tab you'll see no data. That will change as soon as you click unto Add button and choose the option that suits your needs best.
Miro boards in tasks.jpeg

There are two ways of adding the whiteboards:
Options for adding Miro boards.jpeg
  • Sign-in option - perfectly suited for long-term work and collaboration. Via this option you'll be able to connect your Miro account for future use. The app redirects you to the sign-in page provided by Miro and shows the results in a separate iframe window.
  • Create board without registration - for temporary use only as the board will be deleted after 24 hours. You might find the option useful in case you need a task-related visual summary for quick use.
There are several options available once you sign in as well. If you already have been collecting some visuals in Miro, you might find it useful to embed one of your whiteboards to a task or a project right away.

Alternatively, a new board may be embedded if you would like to start from scratch.

Pick a board to embed.jpeg

Create new board frame.jpeg

You'll also need to confirm the embedding action after choosing a specific whiteboard or setting up its name, related team and access permissions for the newly created boards.

Customize Miro embed.jpeg

Prior to pinning a specific external board shared with your Miro account, make sure the access permissions granted are sufficient.

Otherwise, Miro will prevent you from embedding a board, for example if your access is restricted to read-only mode.

Embed blocked for read-only access.jpeg

You can add, view, and unpin the boards anytime. 

Add, pin, unpin boards.jpeg

If your task or project is close to its end or there is no need in having the visual boards attached to it anymore, you may find the option to unpin the irrelevant whiteboards useful.

Unpin boards confirmation.jpeg

Please note that general Tasks permissions must be configured separately.

The whiteboard interfacenavigation and management are identical to what you have in Miro. 

If you're new, Miro Help center got you covered for that and much more. Make sure to check the applicable limits for your Miro plan.

Miro board frame (UI).jpeg
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