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Send customer actions to Facebook

Bitrix24 has a new tool for working with ads audiences in Facebook. With the help of this tool, you can:

  • Send customer actions from CRM directly to Facebook.
  • Create ad audiences from all the CRM entities you use.
  • Show ads to those who have previously contacted your company, but did not become a client.

For example, you can collect data from the desired CRM forms, deal pipelines, and send it to Facebook. Then on Facebook, you create an audience and run ads just for those customers.

Read more in the article About automatic events.

How it works

The principle of work is similar to a Facebook pixel, but unlike the pixel, you can collect information about leads, deals, completed CRM forms and payments taking place in your CRM.

To start work, go to the CRM Marketing > Send customer actions.

Select where you want to send customer data from:

  • Deals
  • CRM forms
  • CRM Payment
  • Leads
  • Connect your business account.

    If Facebook asks for administrator permission when connecting, try the steps from the article Facebook: administrator permission required.


    In deals, you can select the pipeline. For example, you have Sale and Service pipelines. You can choose the pipeline Service and then advertise only to that audience.

    CRM forms

    You can select forms from which data will be sent to Facebook.

    CRM Payments

    It allows you to select audiences by the paid criterion and to filter segments by the purchase amount criterion.


    All customer data from leads will be send.

    Create an ads audience on Facebook

    All customer data is collected in your Facebook Ads Manager. To create an audience, select Audiences and select an appropriate type.

    Specify Site as a source.

    Select the pixel that is linked with your account.

    Use From your events to select the data you want.

    Specify how many days customer information should be stored. The shorter the deal cycle is, the less time is needed.

    You can also add conditions for your audience using the Include More People and Exclude People options.

    For example, you can merge clients from different entities.

    Then enter an audience name, a description and click Create Audience.

    After that, the audience will appear in your account, and you can run ads.

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