Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audience is a tool designed to enlarge your customer database. Bitrix24 transfers the list of contacts from the CRM, while Facebook builds a new auditory of users similar to your clients for an ad campaign.

First of all, make sure to configure the Facebook Ad Account to start working with lookalike audiences.

How it works

Click Marketing > Facebook lookalike audience.

Click Select segment to select an audience that Facebook will use as a source audience for building a lookalike audience.

Click Connect to sync your Facebook Ad Account.

Read more information about connecting Facebook to Bitrix24 in the article - Facebook and Instagram sales features.

If Facebook asks for administrator permission when connecting, try the steps from the article - Facebook: administrator permission required.

Select an advertising account.

Select the source audience size (percentage).

Select the lookalike audience location.

Click Save.

Select when to start synchronization: Now, Later manually, or Schedule. Click Save.

After synchronizing the CRM client database with Facebook, a new lookalike audience will be created in your advertising account.

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