What is automation rule test mode

Any company sooner or later begins to automate the processes related to tasks, reminders and CRM information. The more complex the automation is, the more time and effort is needed to test processes.

We have prepared a tool to simplify this work - automation rule test mode. It allows you to check how the triggers and automation rules work, whether the conditions are fulfilled in a demo deal. It also shows errors and records all actions in the log.

The automation rule test mode is available on the same plans as the automation rules. To use this tool, you need the access permissions to change the automation rule.

This tool is also suitable if you are just starting to use automation rules and you are not sure whether you specified the conditions correctly or not and you want to understand why the automation rules did not work.

The automation rule test mode creates a demo deal in which you fill in the necessary fields. You can track changes in them if necessary. Leave the deal on the first stage or move it to the desired stage and start automation rule test mode.

The test mode window displays the automation rules, their status, the fields you are tracking and a log with detailed information.

If something needs to be changed, you will see the information in the window.

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