Configure access permissions to work with Inventory management documents

CRM access permissions affect access to the Inventory management documents. If you do not have access permissions configured, when trying to open Inventory management documents, an employee will see an error and won't be able to work with them.

Even if you only work with Inventory management and do not use orders and deals, configure CRM permissions.

Go to the CRM section - Settings - Access permissions - Products and warehouses.

Consider how the access permissions work in CRM, when they are not set and if there is no access permission to read orders.

  • Access permissions in CRM are not set
  • In this case, the employee will see an error when he/she goes to the documents section and will not be able to work with them.

    Add access permissions for the employee and give him/her the manager or the administrator role. Note that the default roles also contain permissions for other entities.

    After that, the employee will be able to work with all the Inventory management documents.

  • There is no access to read orders in the role settings
  • Check how access permissions are configured for the employee who works with inventory management documents. If he/she has no access to read and add an order, he/she will see an error when going to the section with sales documents. Change the role settings for the employee.

    After that he/she will be able to work with sales orders.

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