Product selection in CRM

If you do not have the functionality described in the article, just wait a little, it will appear soon.

In Bitrix24, you can send a personal selection of products to the client. The client will be able to choose items for order and pay for them.

For example, the client is interested in white T-shirts. A manager collects variants and sends the link to the client. When the client makes a choice, you will see the result in the deal form.

How to create a selection of products

You can create a selection while working on a deal or in an open channel chat. Let's say a client wrote to you via a widget on the site or on WhatsApp. In Bitrix24, you'll see the message and be able to send a selection of products. To do this, click the Start selling button.

Select products to order and enable the Customer will pick a product from selection option.

Before you send a selection, you can see it by clicking the What will customer see? button. Scan the QR code to open the selection on your phone or go to the website.

When the selection is ready, click Send.

After that, the selection will appear in the chat, and the client can click on the link and choose the product.

When a customer places an order, you can see the chosen products in the deal timeline.

You can also create a selection while working on a deal. In the deal form, click the Receive Payment button.

Add items and enable the Customer will pick a product from selection option. Make sure the customer's phone number is included in the deal information, otherwise he/she won't receive the selection and won't see the items.

If you use SMS and WhatsApp messages of Bitrix24 to send messages, then product selections will not be available. Since the service only allows you to send template messages. To send selections of products by SMS to the client's phone, you need to connect an SMS provider.

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