Create an order in CRM

You can create orders in Online Store section > Orders.

You can view all current orders in and brief information about each of them in this section.

Click New order to create a new order.

Order parameters

First of all, you need to specify the order source and payer type.

Depending on what you've selected, new contact or company is created automatically.


Click the Products tab to add products to the order.

Read more about creating products catalog in the article - Add products to commercial catalog.

You can either create a new product or add the existing one from the catalog.

Let's add a product from the catalog to the order.

After adding products to the order, you will see the detailed information about the total amount: total amount for products, shipping costs, tax, weight, etc.

After adding more products, the total amount is recalculated automatically.

Order properties

Add the information about the customer in General tab > Order properties.

You can easily create or connect new properties by clicking the corresponding buttons.

By default, a new contact or company is created automatically.


Select the required payment method. By default, there are two payment methods available: internal account or cash.

Read more about adding payment systems in the article - Add a payment system.

If the customer has already paid for the order, select Paid status.


Select the shipping method in Shipment section.

By default, there are two options available: delivery service or local pickup.

Read more about adding delivery services in the article - Create a delivery service.

Shipping cost is calculated according to the selected shipping method.

Done! Click Save and the order will appear in your online store orders list.

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