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How the client signs an electronic document

There is a specific order in the process of signing an electronic document:
  1. A user creates a document, completes the data and sends it for signing.
  2. Your company director (sender) signs the document.
  3. After the document is signed by the sender, it is sent to the client for signing.

Your client receives a link to the document by email or SMS, depending on the way of confirmation you chose. In the following example, we specified the client's phone number, that's why he receives a link by SMS. Then the client should follow the steps specified below.

Follow the link from the message and click Sign to complete all the required fields.

Enter the confirmation code you received by SMS. Then click Proceed.

The code expires in 5 minutes. If you get the Incorrect pin code error, try again by entering the new code.

Complete all the fields. If the sender requires your company stamp, upload it.

To add a signature, use one of the following ways:

  • create from name – specify your name and initials to generate a signature.
  • hand sign – use mouse to write your signature or sign with your finger on the tablet or smartphone.
  • upload image – load the signature image from your smartphone or take a photo of it.

Once the document is signed by all parties, you will receive an email with a link to the final PDF file. Open or download this document.

Note that the signed document is available by the link for 14 days, then it is automatically deleted irreversibly. We recommend to download it immediately.

There is a gray stripe with Document ID at the bottom of each page that guarantees the integrity of the document. Also, the Certificate of Completion is automatically created and attached at the end of the signed document.

In the certificate, there is a QR code that allows you to validate the integrity of the document.

Read more in the article - Document integrity check.
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