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Contacts of signing parties

Employees who work with documents and signing them need to have a database of partners, customers, suppliers and other counterparties contacts.

To find contacts faster, Bitrix24 has created a contact directory - Signing parties.

The Bitrix24.Sign tool is an electronic signature, not a digital one. Every country has its own laws and requirements for using electronic signatures. In some countries, a special agreement must be signed with the client to use an electronic signature. In addition, this method of signing is not allowed for all types of documents. Therefore, if you are not sure whether Bitrix24.Sign is suitable for signing your document, consult with lawyers. Trust in these signatures is the responsibility of the individual accepting the document.

This directory is available in the Bitrix24.Sign section in the Contacts tab. It stores detailed information about the customers, partners, and suppliers.

All employees have access to the Signing parties directory, even if they have no access permissions to the CRM section. This is very important if several employees or departments of your company work with the same counterparties.

Note that contacts from this directory are available in the CRM.

You can create new contacts or edit existing ones and send them documents to sign by email or SMS.

You can create new contacts in the Bitrix24.Sign section in the Contacts or Documents tabs.

Сreate a contact in the Contacts tab

In the Bitrix24.Sign section - Contacts tab, you can create contacts and edit existing ones, as well as edit field settings in the contact form.

Click the Create button to add a new contact.

The contact form contains two main sections: About contact and More.

In the About contact section, you can enter the following information:

  • Salutation, last name, and second name
  • Phone, e-mail, and messengers
  • Date of birth and photo
  • Position and website
  • Company address and details

Section More contains the following fields:

  • Contact type - partner, customer, supplier, etc.;
  • Source - where the contact came from;
  • Source information - detailed source information;
  • Comment - you can enter any information that will be useful for your work.

After making any changes to the contact form, don't forget to click Save.

Other actions in the contact form

  • You can fill in the detailed information about the contact address and company details. To fill in these blocks, use the Detailed button.

  • You can restrict access to the contact and its export or change the responsible person for the contact.

  • You can create new fields in the form, edit existing ones, and delete unnecessary sections.

Read about customizing sections and fields in CRM form in the article: CRM entity form.

Create a contact at the stage of signing document

You can create a new signing partner contact when you create a document.

Open the Documents tab and click the Sign button.

You can create a new contact in the Recipient section.

Contacts from the Signing parties directory is marked with Bitrix24.Sign.

Read more information in the article: Create and send an electronic document for signing.

You can edit the list view settings on the Signing parties page. Click the gear icon to make changes.

Perform various actions with contacts: edit, delete, add new ones, etc.

You can also export contacts to CSV, Excel or Outlook.

Read more information in the article: Contacts.

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