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Modern business is all about speed and mobility. Customers are used to quick services and expect the same speed and convenience from all companies. We understand these challenges and have prepared a solution that makes signing documents in Bitrix24 as fast, easy and convenient as possible.

Bitrix24.Sign is a new tool that allows you to create documents and send them to your counterparty for signature in a couple of minutes.

Advantages of Bitrix24.Sign

  • No need to send a manager or courier to the client.
  • All information about your company and counterparty is loaded from the CRM. You do not need to fill in anything by hand.
  • You can send a document to be signed directly from the deal.
  • The kanban shows the stage each document is at.
  • You can send a document to be signed by sms or email.
  • Your counterparties do not need to use Bitrix24 to sign documents.
  • The number of documents is unlimited, even on the free plan.
  • Sending documents for signature can be automated.
  • You can make sure that the client did not change the document before signing.
  • A document signed with Bitrix24.Sign has legal value.

Start using Bitrix24.Sign

The Bitrix24.Sign tool is an electronic signature, not a digital one. Every country has its own laws and requirements for using electronic signatures. In some countries, a special agreement must be signed with the client to use an electronic signature. In addition, this method of signing is not allowed for all types of documents. Therefore, if you are not sure whether Bitrix24.Sign is suitable for signing your document, consult with lawyers. Trust in these signatures is the responsibility of the individual accepting the document.
  1. Create or select a document.
  2. Sign the document.
  3. Send the document to the counterparty for signing.

There are only 3 steps, but we have prepared a detailed description of each step for you to start using the new tool faster. In the process of signing, we recommend you to send your own instructions to the counterparties.

You can be sure that the document will not be changed after signing. Use a special service to check the signed document.

Bitrix24.Sign in CRM

The number of documents to sign can be quite large, but you can control the process with the pipeline steps.

Control the process of working with documents

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