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Bitrix24.Sign access permissions

When working with accounting and legal documents, it is very important to maintain hierarchy and confidentiality. You can set up personal access permissions to the electronic documents for your employees in the Bitrix24.Sign section.

You can limit or expand the range of employees who can perform actions with the documents in the Bitrix24.Sign section.

There are 5 sections in the access permissions settings:

  • Signing parties - you can read contacts.

  • Documents for signing - you can create, view, edit and delete documents.

  • My vault - you can access documents in My Vault.

  • Document templates - you can configure document template access.

  • Access permissions - you can edit access permissions.

Pay attention to the Signing parties section. The access permissions to use contacts from this section manage access to a separate directory. This type of contacts is used for signing documents and can also be used as a CRM contact in CRM.

All employees have access to these contacts, even if they have no access permissions to the CRM section .

In the Access permissions section, you can configure rights for different categories of employees. By default, there are two roles: Employee and Supervisor.

You can add new roles, copy the existing ones and edit them.

When copying an existing role, all access permissions settings will be saved automatically.

You can change the settings for each role if necessary.

You can set up access to documents and contacts at different levels, depending on the employee role.

Document access levels

  • No access - no rights to view, edit, add or delete documents.
  • All items - an employee can view all documents in the section.
  • Personal only - an employee can view the documents he/she has sent to sign.
  • Personal and department - an employee can see the documents where he/she is a responsible person, as well as the documents of colleagues from the same department.
  • Personal, department and subdepartments - an employee can see the documents where he/she is a responsible person, as well as the documents of colleagues from the same department and its subdepartments.
  • All public items - an employee can see all documents if the access to them is not denied by the settings of other users.
  • To set access permissions for different employees, select the desired levels of access in the drop-down list, then click Save.

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