Connect PayPal (built-in)

Go to CRM > Sales > Sales Center > Payment systems.

Click Other payment systems.

Select the PayPal payment option. Fill all the required fields. Select the Payment type according to your PayPal account. Then click Configure.

Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and click Show All to display more parameters. Complete the opened form.

Configure the PayPal connection parameters.

Fill in the Username, Password and Password for signature using credentials you've got when activating your PayPal account.

For the correct work of payment system, it is required to configure the Notification url parameter. Also, you need to configure Auto-Return inside your PayPal account and specify the return page.

Specify the Notification url. By default, it's https://your_Bitrix24_address/bitrix/tools/sale_ps_result.php

In the Business field, specify the email address of your PayPal account.

In the Identity field, specify an ID that you've got from PayPal for Payment Data Transfer.

Specify the webpage address that your customer will get to after paying an order in the Return url field.

Then configure the Payments section.

In the Path to image src for button, you can specify the path to the image for the button displayed on the order page. Also, you can specify optional fields names.

Done! PayPal is successfully connected and your clients can pay their orders via PayPal!

How to pay via PayPal

A customer chooses products, adds them to cart and processes an order.

Then it is possible to choose PayPal as payment option and click Pay.

Bitrix24 does not support PayPal connection with pre-authorization by now.
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